Couple Things You Need to Know about Rental Apartment in Taipei

There are various way to get a rental apartment in Taipei, and various things to check out before moving in. And here is how!

Interest in quality education increases the number of international students and therefore the demand of rental apartment in Taipei. International Studies are the best ways to have great exposure in student’s life to build the valuable experience of studies as well as travel. Depending on studies, countries and budget, every student may have different desire of their accommodation. Securing the best program in university may not guarantee housing or hostel facility, so it can be a daunting task to every student. To help with Accommodation in Taipei, many agencies has come up with new technologies for international students. Most of the placement companies can provide you rental apartment in Taipei either single or shared room furnished with all necessary luxuries like TV, bed, kitchen, utensils, coffee tables, air conditioners and many more.

How to get a rental apartment in Taipei?

How to get a rental apartment in Taipei?

Apartments for international students can be rented by joining the renter community and hiring lofter or experts in Taipei that most private agencies like Airloft provide with minimal cost. They can assist you with videography and photography of the room and near locality to help you choose the best one for your stay. These agencies have helped many students to find their stay overseas before their arrival. There is also the traditional rental website such as 591 but it is lacked with the English user interface for all the English speaker.

Number of things that first-time lookers should notice are the cost and the location of stay. International students need to make sure that accommodation within the precincts of your university or college in order to reduce the transit route. Location and locality should the next major thing to keep a check on. Finding shops of stationary, confectionary, food and laundry nearby can be a big advantage in student’s life. It is equally important to pay attention to the cost of rental apartment. Since, more and more students are moving abroad for studies, apartment for international student comes with higher tags; but contacting the best agencies’ experts can benefit with plenty of ideas.

The prime idea to associate with these firms is to have database of rental apartment in Taipei along with the student’s profiles. You may like to share the apartment with students of same interests of yours. This is said to be the best experience of foreign relationships. These travel agencies can also get you good number of discounts and services as per your requirement. They work through a vast network of travel agencies and therefore have ample of options.

6 Things you want to have in the accommodation in Taipei

6 Things you want to have in the accommodation in Taipei

It is very important to give best efforts in choosing the best apartment for yourself as you have given to get the favorite course in the school. It is best to start looking for options before you run out of best and left with no good options to select from. A list of basic facilities to get the best accommodation is like:

  • Kitchen
  • Private Bathroom
  • Internet Connectivity
  • Laundry
  • Study Table with Lamp
  • Building Security Guard

Few Things You need to provide while Renting an Apartment

  • Photo Id (Passport)
  • Advance 3-month payment
  • Residence Proof
  • Government Id Proof
  • Guarantors (parents or guardians)

Life as international student in Taipei

Life as international student in Taipei

Taipei is the most aesthetically pleasing city, have its beauty marked with glass and steel statues. It features safe and lively environment. According to Survey, Taiwan is the second most safe country after Iceland with minimal crime rate and high economy freedom, cheap medical health insurance, there is a lot to fall in love with this country. It is best destination if you like to party, booze, loving to see good nightlife and shopping. The city has limitless options of hotels, restaurants, champagne bars, live music round the clock. It’s a great experience roaming the Taipei streets with endless food stalls, games, peddlers; it almost a carnival festival throughout the year. Good to hear that you can easily catch bargains as this city is full of students. Fruits are considered as welcome offer in Taipei. Don’t get surprised if anyone offers you fruits as a return to your help.

Night markets in Taipei are more than just shopping, you will enjoy the cultural programs revealing the traditional secrets as well as modern art. As soon as the sun sets, one can purchase anything from the streets ranging pets to clothes and drinks. There is a variety of drinks one can mark in this astonishing city. Although the drinking culture is not frequent in Taipei, but one can enjoy the drinks of their choice. There are ample of choices for bars, tea karaoke and nightclubs all over the city area. Food and bear combination are prevalent at any food place and most of these places runs 24 hours a day. Furthermore, tea drinking is another pastime in Taipei. There are notably array of teas available such as fragmented, seeds, floral and roots. There is enormous variety one can experience during the tea cultural festivals.

Taipei is considered as rapidly developing city around the world with widely increasing population, most popular food and enthusiastic nightlife. International students can enjoy numerous varieties of street food, especially in night markets. People in Taiwan likes eating outside as it is cheaper than cooking at home. The aura of streets is awesome. The most popular meal of Taipei streets is cup of noodles and soup along with the delicious dumplings of your choice.

If we talk about the adventurous sports, Taipei can stop amusing you. You can always explore Taipei island with new places of hills along the east. Beaches are the pride of city where one can surf along the shores along with many other water activities such as scuba diving, rafting, snorkeling, sailing, windsurfing, kayaking, and fishing. Moving around in city is very easy through trains and nearby cities are also connected and therefore one can enjoy visiting neighboring cities in weekend with friends. One can also se local taxis and rent a scooter or even walk. Also, there are museums, national parks, waterfalls and traditional memory halls in the city where international students can get discounts. Moreover, there are theaters and shopping malls for fashionistas to enjoy their student life.

In summary, Taipei, Taiwan is beautiful and wonderful city to roam around. International students in Taipei can have outstanding experience with the city and its people. The quality of life is very high with comfortable accommodations and hygienic street foods. Cost of living is cheap with low rent system and availability of cheap food for everyone. Language is also not a barrier of you know English well as many local people have learnt English due to overseas students and travelers. Taiwan people are casually dressed and always in three to four tier dress. Their typical dress code includes trousers or long skirts with plain T-Shirts and pair of shoes. Very rarely, one can see someone wearing long boots, heels, shorts or long dresses. People in Taipei likes to roam night street, visit malls, play arcade games, enjoy delicious food with friends.


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